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Steven: We're going to start in a very casual way. I have a question for all the Chinese fans. How many languages exactly do you speak?
Steven: 我们随意些。我知道所有的中国粉丝都想知道,你到底可以说多少种语言呢?

Laura Fygi: I speak four and I understand two more.
Laura Fygi: 我可以说四种语言,另外,我还能理解其它两种语言。

Steven: That's really amazing! So what are they?
Steven: 真棒。具体哪些语言呢?

Laura Fygi: I speak Dutch, German, English and French. And I lived in South America. So I understand very well Spanish and some Italian.
Laura Fygi: 我会说荷兰语、德语、英语和法语。我曾住在南美,所以我懂很多西班牙语,还懂些意大利语。

Steven: And some Portuguese?
Steven: 葡萄牙语呢?

Laura Fygi: Well, no. It's a totally different language. I sing in Portuguese, but I don't speak it. And I don't understand it.
Laura Fygi: 那个不懂。葡萄牙语完全是不一样的语言。我唱葡萄牙语的歌,但我不会说,也不懂葡萄牙语。

Steven: That's a big secret of yours.
Steven: 真是奇闻啊。

Laura Fygi: And I sing in Chinese and I don't understand it either.
Laura Fygi: 另外,我唱中文歌,但我也不懂中文。

Steven: That's an interesting experience.
Steven: 真有意思。

Steven: And which language do you think is more "jazz?"
Steven: 你觉得哪种语言更"爵士乐"些呢?

Laura Fygi: More "jazz?" I think it would be English. From the states, the heart of jazz would be Chicago and it's really in English.
Laura Fygi: 更"爵士乐"些?应该是英语吧。在美国,芝加哥是爵士乐的中心,这里爵士乐都是英语。

Steven: Only because of the roots of jazz?
Steven: 只是因为这是爵士乐的起源?

Laura Fygi: I think so.
Laura Fygi: 是的。

Steven: You're an easy going person and people like you. Then you got a contract and people would think about you when they were teaming up the band?
Steven: 你很随和,大家都喜欢你。然后你拿到合约,当别人组乐队时,他们会想到你,让你加入。

Laura Fygi: Yeah. Well, I'm an easy:going person. I know what I want. I'm sure, and I work a lot with my feelings, not always with my brain, with my feelings. That's the right way to go. I will do anything to go that way.
Laura Fygi: 是的。我比较随和。我知道自己想要什么。我工作时很多时候是感性的,并不总是理性。我觉得就是应该这样。我会追求感性。

Steven: So, when did you become so brave:minded?
Steven: 你是什么时候变得这么勇敢的?

Laura Fygi: I don't know. I don't think about things too much. I don't worry about them too much.
Laura Fygi: 我也不知道。我不会想太多,也不会太担心。

Steven: OK. You thought about this at a very early age?
Steven: 年幼时就这样想了?

Laura Fygi: I always thought about that that way.
Laura Fygi: 我一直都是这么想的。

Steven: I guess you've very democratic atmosphere in your family?
Steven: 我想你的家庭很有民主氛围?

Laura Fygi: Yeah. There are rules, of course. You need rules. With children, you need rules. But they also need to make up their own mind. I don't think it's good for a parent to tell them what to do constantly. You think what to do. And they start to think. That's their first lesson in life. I won't be there all the time. Daddy won't be there all the time. And when you're 30, you need to think for yourself. And I started quite early with the children.
Laura Fygi: 是的。但是,当然也会有规矩。我们需要规矩。要管束孩子, 我们需要规矩。但也该让孩子自己做决定。要是家长一直告诉孩子做这做那,我觉得这样是不好的。要让孩子自己思考。这是孩子生活的第一堂课。我不可能永远守在孩子身边,他们的爸爸也不可能永远守着他们。一般三十岁的时候我们就该为自己考虑了。而在我的孩子很小的时候,我就开始让他们自己独立思考了。

Steven: So when was the first decision you made in your life?
Steven: 你的第一个决定是什么时候做出的呢?

Laura Fygi: The first decision?
Laura Fygi: 第一个决定?

Steven: Yes, for yourself?
Steven: 是的,你自己的第一个决定。

Laura Fygi: I think the first main decision was to leave home. I was 16. I stood on my two feet. There was no quarrel or something. I wanted to be on my own. I had this tiny little room, and with the allowance I got, that was a very good lesson. You don't spend more than you have. So this month I can spend this much every day. I can't go out this Saturday because I'm running out of money. It's a very good lesson.
Laura Fygi: 我想第一个重大决定是离开家里。那时我16岁,我可以独立了。当时并没和家里发生争执,我只是想独立。于是我住进了这么个小房间,每个月会有零用钱。这是很好的一次体验。我不能入不敷出,这个月我只能花这些钱。这个星期六我不能出去了,我没钱了。这是很好的人生课程。

Steven: Isn't that a little bit unusual for a girl of 16?
Steven: 对于16岁的小女孩而言,这是不是有点不同寻常?

Laura Fygi: Maybe it's a different culture in Holland. A lot of young girls and boys, as well, go live in another town. I don't know, children stay long with their parents here?
Laura Fygi: 可能是荷兰的文化不一样。许多男孩、女孩都会去另一个城镇独立生活。我不清楚中国是怎样的,中国小孩和家长一起生活的时间很长吗?

Steven: Longer, much longer. And what was your parents' reaction to that?
Steven: 很长,要长多了。你爸妈当时是什么反应?

Laura Fygi: We had contact after that. I visited them very often.
Laura Fygi: 我离开家后还是和爸妈保持联系的。经常看望他们。


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